Executive Cowhide Desk

Our Executive Cowhide Desks are similar, but larger than our Junior Western Desks. Every executive desk includes carved star encircled with rope carving on the front with cowhide around it. There’s also cowhide on each of the drawers and a rope carving trim around the entire desk. Each piece is hand painted and no two pieces are exactly alike (cowhide is also unique for each desk). Colors vary a little, expect your piece to be a little different than the picture.

*All items are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production of item.

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Wax Base Color:

No Wax Base Color, Dirty White Wash Wax, Black Wax, Walnut Wax, Turquoise Wax, Red Wax, Dallas Dark Wax, Natural/Light Stain Wax, Solid Black Fine Finish, Solid Turquoise Fine Finish, Solid Red Fine Finish, Walnut Fine Finish, Old Cabin Fine Finish, Dallas Fine Finish, Antique Fine Finish

Lacquer Finish:

No Lacquer Finish, Medium Stain With Lacquer, Dark Stain With Lacquer

Executive Cowhide Desk